Program Guide | TechMoreReviews Managed Services

Disclaimer: This section of the TechMoreReview Partner Program Guide is for agency partners that have been accepted into the TechMoreReview Managed Services Partner Program. All of the benefits and requirements for this program are incremental to the TechMoreReview Partner Program. If you are not currently an accepted Managed Services partner but are interested in participating or exploring further, please contact your Partner Manager for further details.

Program overview

TechMoreReview’s Managed Service (MS) Partner Program is specifically tailored for agencies that intend to provide services which are enabled through TechMoreReview’s  powerful integrated SMS and eCommerce marketing platform. We help each agency become a trusted advisor and marketing practitioner specifically for SMS marketing services by training you how to:
  • Build your own service-based recurring revenue stream
  • Help your clients attain attractive ROI through industry best practices, custom SMS strategies, and special pricing
  • Position and sell SMS as a service
  • Properly onboard and manage your clients for long-term success
  • Strategically partner with TechMoreReview to amplify your marketing activities and go-to-market results
Simply put, we want YOU to own your already trusted relationship with your client. Our MS Program helps you succeed by certifying, training, and providing you with our proven strategies and industry-leading platform. Our partnering programs are built upon this simple concept and underscore our approach to partnering at TechMoreReview.

Partner benefits

The MS Program is a distinct program within TechMoreReview’s overall Partner Program. As such, in order to join the MS Program, you must already be an approved agency partner in good standing within TechMoreReview’s Partner Program.
The remainder of this section details the benefits and requirements that are in addition to TechMoreReview’s Partner Program.

Building an SMS Marketing Managed Services practice

The main objective of the MS Program is to drive increased adoption of TechMoreReview’s SMS platform through highly capable and engaged agencies.

We believe that success with SMS marketing requires more than just TechMoreReview’s robust marketing platform. It is most effective when combined with a service offering that is:

  • Delivered through a trusted agency
  • Utilizing industry best practices from list growth to ongoing marketing campaigns and triggered behavioral flows
  • Generating compelling client ROI
  • An attractive recurring revenue opportunity for an agency to devote resources and build a practice around

TechMoreReview’s MS Program provides agencies with all of the tools necessary to either build your practice from the ground up or enhance your existing SMS offering. Our MS Partner Managers will work closely with you to build your new practice into an exciting high-growth revenue stream! We will provide everything you need to be successful, including:

  • Our industry-leading and integrated SMS marketing platform
  • SMS how-to guides
  • Out-of-the-box service offerings (e.g. list growth strategies, triggered flows based on custom actions, advanced segmentation, monthly marketing campaign calendars, automated loyalty flows, etc.)
  • Dedicated Partner Managers and support resources to enable you to own the client relationship
  • Case studies, client references, sales material, sales guidance, and much more
  • Product and sales certifications as available

Partner benefits

SMS and Managed Services marketing collateral

MS Partners have access to TechMoreReview sales and marketing collateral specifically tailored to TechMoreReview SMS and the MS program. These go-to-market assets include company and TechMoreReview SMS product overviews, sales presentations, MS client case studies, and more.

Prioritized consideration for co-marketing

MS Partners within the Select and Premier tiers have prioritized consideration for TechMoreReview co-marketing opportunities. These opportunities can include thought leadership, joint content collaborations, lead generating campaigns, case studies, and events.

MS partner badge and certification program — coming soon in 2022!

Partners will have exclusive access to the MS Certification Program to gain expertise in SMS marketing, which includes training through specialized modules. MS-Certified Partner badges will be provided upon successful completion of the Certification Program.

MS support resources

Priority support

MS partners are eligible to receive escalated and priority technical support benefits. Additionally, MS partners have regularly scheduled Health Audits with their MS Partner Manager. This unique hands-on approach for agencies helps to identify and address potential issues in your client portfolio before they become an issue.

Partner Portal access

Access to TechMoreReview’s robust partner portal is available to all TechMoreReviewPartners. This platform provides partners with:

  • SMS-specific content: Client enablement resources containing details to ensure successful onboarding of your clients; Sales and marketing collateral, pitch decks, case studies, etc.
  • Deal activity details; e.g. deal size, status, close date
  • Partnership status: Tier attainment / referral payments / calendar year activity
  • Support visibility and escalation: See your clients’ support tickets, status, and update notes; escalate tickets (depending on partner tier)

Dedicated MS support roles

In addition to your TEchMoreReview Partner Manager, you will also be supported by a dedicated team of resources to support you specifically with your SMS managed services practice:

  • MS Customer Success Managers are specifically assigned to support agencies with client onboarding and technical support-related issues. We invest significant time in our agency MS Partner relationships to ensure you are prepared to provide an exceptionally smooth experience for your clients.
  • MS Partner Managers are your dedicated resource for sales and marketing support at the individual deal level. They also provide guidance to help you build a scalable and successful business model. Specifically, they will engage with you through QBRs, joint business planning sessions, and various sales and marketing activities.
  • SMS Strategists provide detailed expertise on all things SMS. Through knowledge of industry best practices, they can help your clients with everything from list growth to designing triggered flows to setting up automated recurring campaigns. 

Program requirements

Promotion of TechMoreReview partnership

MS partners are required to publicly promote their partnership with TechMoreReview. This means inclusion on your website and other relevant marketing collateral (e.g. joint services offered, case studies, press releases, blog posts, etc.)

Dedicated MS resource

TechMoreReview is dedicating a Partner Manager to support your growth and success. Similarly, we require a named MS resource that is tasked with managing the partnership. This person will commit to engaging in the following type of activities:
  • Represent the agency as the main partnership point of contact for TechMoreReview
  • Business planning and marketing
  • Ensure training of relevant agency staff on TechMoreReview’s SMS platform, its capabilities, and service model
  • Point of escalation for client onboarding and support

Business development

Within 90 days of acceptance into the MS program, the agency and PM will agree on a jointly developed business development and go-to-market plan. This will include but is not limited to:
  • Defined Agency MS Team; identified resources for sales, marketing, onboarding, client support, etc.
  • 90-day training plan for Agency MS Team
  • Go-to-market plan:
    • Marketing plan; e.g. press release, website update, joint collateral, etc.
    • Defined quarterly sales targets: 90-day initial prospect target list, # of clients onboarded, SMS usage forecast
    • Developed service offering and strategy to drive adoption and usage
    • Finalized agreed-upon plan with executive buy-in
Build and scale a revenue-driving SMS Marketing practice for your agency with TechMoreReview’s industry-leading SMS marketing solution. The TechMoreReview SMS Managed Services Program empowers agencies to create new SMS Marketing service offerings to build, manage, and optimize successful SMS campaigns for their clients.