Terms & Conditions Of Services Provided By TechMoreReview.

User Terms On Website.

1.1 Your access and use of the Website are granted to you by TechmoreReview on a limited, revocable, non-exclusive basis. You must register as a user and establish a profile in order to access and utilize the Website to its fullest extent.

1.2 Each individual user on the Website is limited to registering a single profile. You may not transfer the profile to another individual as it is private.

1.3 You require a password to sign up as a Registered User. When logging onto the website, your email address must be used along with the password you set for yourself. We can also email you the password as an alternative. You are not allowed to share or otherwise make the password accessible to others because it is private. You must take all necessary precautions to prevent a third party from getting the password. You have a responsibility to notify us if you learn that the password is or might have been hacked. In the event that there is a chance that the password has been compromised or is being used against the terms of service, we have the right and obligation to change it.

1.4 A username must be selected when registering. Every time you submit user-generated content (see Section 2.1 below) to the website, such as reviews or comments, the username will be shown on the page. In light of this, you must decide if you want to choose a username that others can use to identify you. The username cannot be I derogatory or otherwise disrespectful, (ii) contain the terms “Guest,” “Admin,” “.dk,” “.com,” etc., or (iii) contain characteristics that belong to a third party, such as the names of famous people or personal names for which you do not have the legal right to use them. You represent that the use of your username does not violate any rights, including any intellectual property rights, that are the property of, apply to, or are owned by any third party.

1.5 Only we are permitted to make changes to the username. Contact us at support@techmorereview.com if you’d like to modify your username.

1.6 In the case that you violate or are suspected of violating these User Terms or any relevant laws, we reserve the right to delete, suspend, or modify your profile at any time, without prior warning and without affecting any other users. The services on the website that require registration and/or login as a Registered User will no longer be available to you after deleting your profile. When we delete your profile, we reserve the right to also remove any user-generated content (see 2.1) that you have contributed to the Website.

1.7 Furthermore, you acknowledge that we reserve the right to delete your profile and any user-generated content at any time and without prior notice or justification (see 2.1). Our disclaimer is fully applicable in this situation.

1.8 If you are not a registered user, you are not allowed to access or attempt to access any areas of the website that do.

Terms Of Content On Website.

2.1 As a Registered User of the Website, you hereby grant us the worldwide, non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free right and licence to publish, display, reproduce, modify, create derivative works of, and commercially exploit any materials, information, notifications, reviews, articles, or other forms of communication (collectively, “User-Generated Content” or “UGC”). We are free to use, transfer, and reveal user-generated content to third parties.

2.2 Registered Users are accountable for the UGC that they post on the Website.

2.3 Registered users guarantee that any UGC uploaded to the website is accurate and factual (where it states facts) or truly held (where they state opinions).

2.4 UGC must be related to a business or organization from whom the Registered User has purchased goods or services or can otherwise demonstrate using those goods or services.

2.5 You are not allowed to publish UGC about organizations with which you have a personal or professional relationship.

2.6 Registered Users are prohibited from publishing UGC on the website, and from allowing any third person to do so which is offensive or in any way violates any applicable local, national, or international law or regulation, is of a commercial nature or has commercial purposes, is illegal, deceptive, misleading, fraudulent, threatening, abusive, harassing, libelous, defamatory, tortious, obscene, pornographic, or profane, has sexist, political, or racial overtones, or is defamatory of another person.

2.7 UGC contributors represent and warrant that their work complies with the User Terms and all applicable laws. TechMoreReview may delete user-generated content (UGC) without prior notice if it receives notice of or otherwise learns that the UGC violates applicable law and/or the User Terms, and depending on the nature of the violation, we may also notify the party who was violated and/or the appropriate authorities. Although we will make an effort to let the Registered User know why the information was deleted, we reserve the right to do so without providing an explanation. 

2.8 In the event that the Registered User’s UGC is violated, the Registered User hereby gives us permission to start and pursue any legal proceedings that we think appropriate.

In the event that the Registered User violates the User Terms or current law, the Registered User must agree to hold us harmless from any claims that may be brought against us. In the event that we are sued by a third party owing to the Registered User’s UGC, the Registered User shall defend, indemnify, and hold us harmless.

2.9 The Registered User may be asked to provide us with information regarding the UGC at any time, including any supporting documentation for the claims made in the UGC, such as proof that the UGC is based on actual customer interactions with the firm to which it refers.

General Terms Of Using this website.

3.1 All underlying technology and intellectual property rights included in the Website and the services we provide via it, as well as the Website itself, are and will remain our single and exclusive property. No licence or other right is given to any such underlying technology. We are free to fully utilise any comments, suggestions, ideas, or other information you may send on the website or the services provided therein (collectively, “Feedback”).

3.2 The information on the website is or will be our property or the property of a third party (other than the Registered User) and is protected by U.S. and applicable international law. This includes, but is not limited to, the intellectual property rights, text, features, graphics, icons, photos, calculations, references, and software.

3.3 Illegal use of the Website or any part of it, including duplicating, distributing, or presenting it in any other way, is against U.S. law and may be punished with civil and/or criminal consequences.

3.4 By providing the UGC to us, you are giving us an unrestricted, perpetual license to use the UGC without compensation, without regard to any time or place restrictions, and to the utmost extent authorized by law.

3.5 Except as otherwise agreed with us in writing or as permitted by applicable obligatory law, downloading and other digital copying of the content on the Website or portions thereof is only permitted for personal, non-commercial use.

3.6 All business names, trademarks, and other identifying marks used on the Website are or will be our property or the property of a third party (other than the Registered User), and they may only be used for commercial gain with our or the third party owner’s prior consent, as applicable.