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10 Ways to Get Better Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can boost your product sales way more than the traditional methods of paid advertisements online or even offline. Nothing speaks of trusting your brand but the verified customers sharing their experiences of purchasing and using your products. However, the crucial issue lies in the fact that getting better customer reviews is a tough deal and requires effort.

The following list contains well-researched 10 ways to get better customer reviews that work for every business.

10 Ways To Get Better Customer Reviews:

1) Make It Simple

Customers are more likely to leave a positive review if the customer finds it easier to access your business online. Techmorereview does it quite simply by offering their customers a simple interface to submit their reviews online. Here’s how they do it:
Register on their website Techmorereview.
The Techmorereview support would reply with an email to verify the customer’s account and purchases.
The customer can then leave their reviews on a scale of 5 stars.
Verified customer reviews show a verified sticker too.

2) Reward Your Customers

Customers are more likely to return if they feel that your business treats them, especially casual customers. Loyalty point programs or bonus reward points for submitting a successful review could make all the difference. However, the idea here is not to bribe your customers but push them to share their views and experiences of your products. Incentive schemes for customer reviews can build a solid base for effortless customer reviews for your business in the future.

3) Shorten the process

Ensure the process is short and crisp like the way Techmorereview does it. They have a dedicated page for their customer reviews that gives a simple interface to leave a review. Click here to see for yourself how effortless the process is on their review page.

4) Ask for help

Ask your customers for help with the questions asked by other buyers and customers. These questions can range from simple specifications about the products to the durability and feel. Moreover, customers are more likely to respond to such questions as they would relate to the queries themselves. Highlight these reviews on an easily accessible page on your website and you are halfway there to some great sales.

5) Follow Up

Follow up with your customers with an email to ask them to leave a review about how they felt about the product. Do not overdo this by drafting a long email full of links to other products from your business but keep it to the point.

6) Be Quick

So you have decided to send an email asking for a customer review but when to do that? Soon but not too soon is the key to successfully getting a better customer review. Be quick to ask for an email once the product is delivered to them or later the same day in case of physical store purchase.

7) Leave Us A Review

Ensuring that every purchase is accompanied by a physical “Leave Us A Review” note card can go a long way for your business. Get a beautifully designed card asking about the experience of your product. Encourage them to leave a review on your website to help other potential customers looking to buy similar products and services.

8) Design a Survey

Craft an impeccable survey form for review that allows the customers to rate your products or answer in the form of stars. Customers are more likely to leave a review in the form of simple ratings than a blank box asking them to write about their experiences.

9) Email Regularly

A simple line like “Your genuine reviews would help us improve” will make a good impression on your customers. Get the ball rolling in your favor by emailing them regularly informing them about their awaited review on purchase. Helps them remember that they can post a review of their experience as well.

10) Thank Your Customers

Make sure to always send a thank-you email or post an automated response when customers post a review. Techmorereview suggests sending a personalized thank you email for every review, be it a negative or positive one. Doing so can instill trust in your brand and customers would like to come back for more purchases in the future.

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  1. Ethan Bennett

    2 years ago

    Great experience ie delivered following day enabling me to start medication immediately .Feeling better already !!

  2. Ethan Hayes

    2 years ago

    Reminders always come i early and medication always arrives quickly.Well satisfied customer. Thank you.

  3. Daniel Murphy

    2 years ago

    Skinorac provides a fantastic service which is hassle free and seamless. They contact me when I should be ordering and from that point on it works like magic.

  4. Mia Foster

    2 years ago

    Very impressed

  5. Olivia Jenkins

    2 years ago

    Timing is good – despatch accurate It’s just so ea

  6. Emily Washington

    2 years ago

    Never had a problem always get good servis .

  7. Logan Long

    2 years ago

    Very fast delivery

  8. Noah Price

    2 years ago

    Efficient and speedy service. Takes all the pressure and stress off having to go to a high street pharmacy which I find extremely difficult as I am disabled.

  9. Liam Nelson

    2 years ago

    The delivery is great the reminder emails are way of the mark received my order , next day get an e mail saying your prescription is due please order , my prescription is once a month so this let’s them down badly and they don’t take any action on this happens every month ,

  10. Ava Brooks

    2 years ago

    Always prompt and excellent service

  11. Emma Griffin

    2 years ago

    Brilliant service, reduces all the stresses of getting repeat prescriptions.

  12. Olivia Peterson

    2 years ago

    So simple to re order prescriptions. I wish I had know about Pharmacy 4 U sooner!

  13. James Perry

    2 years ago

    First class service – no hassle at all

  14. Liam Coleman

    2 years ago

    Very fast delivery

  15. Noah Cook

    2 years ago

    Very speedy service .so easy to use

  16. Isabella Morris

    2 years ago

    Excellent service and communication. Very pleased, will recommend Pharmacy 2u to friends

  17. Mia Richardson

    2 years ago

    So quick and easy to re order my prescription items as & when needed, without having to leave the house

  18. Emma Ramirez

    2 years ago

    Fast delivery all items I asked for

  19. Liam Simmons

    2 years ago

    Good afternoon really am happy with your service and communication, good performance

  20. Samuel Kelly

    2 years ago

    Easy to use and hassle free delivery

  21. Benjamin Bennett

    2 years ago

    have been using skinorac for a long time now, and i find there service excellent.

  22. Sophia Hayes

    2 years ago

    Superb service. I put in orders for repeat prescriptions and they get delivered. I receive email reminders to reorder (which I don’t particularly need, but helpful to have). Have only once had an issue with the service as my payment card had expired and I didn’t receive an email telling me to update payment details, but this was soon sorted out and I still managed to get medication before I ran out and the problem did not arise again when my card expired the next time.

  23. Ava Bell

    2 years ago

    Simple app ro use and helpful support staff on hand when needed

  24. Chloe Foster

    2 years ago

    Always good I recommend it.

  25. Noah Jenkins

    2 years ago

    Have neen using pharmacy to you for 8 years now. And the service is excellent

  26. Oliver Sullivan

    2 years ago

    Required an item I had missed on my 8 weekly order. Ordered as soon as I realised and arrived only a day or so after the regular order

  27. Ethan Long

    2 years ago

    You had the medications my local pharmacy was always short of something and it took about a week to dispense it

  28. Emma Price

    2 years ago

    The re-supply of my medication is done without delay.

  29. Sophia Cox

    2 years ago

    Having just managed to get through on the customer service line the service was greatly improved. Life is so much simpler/easier and more pleasant when you can speak to a human!Thanks!

  30. Isabella Brooks

    2 years ago

    Very quick, order online a arrive within a few days

  31. Benjamin Griffin

    2 years ago

    Great service

  32. Alexander Morgan

    2 years ago

    Good service always on time

  33. Logan Cook

    3 years ago

    They remind me when I need my medication would recommend ti all

  34. William Perry

    3 years ago

    Excellent.Prompt and efficient service.

  35. Chloe Coleman

    3 years ago

    Easy to follow fast delivery strait forward ordering

  36. Mia Murphy

    3 years ago

    Prompt service. Always helpful . Have already told my friends how much I would recommend using this service.

  37. Darcy

    3 years ago

    I always get a reminder from Skinorac when my medication is due . Once my order is placed I am kept updated on the status and it usually arrives within a few days. It is very convenient to have it delivered to the door as it saves having to make a special trip to the doctors/chemist and queuing or waiting around there for the prescription. It was particularly helpful during lockdown or if for any reason you are unable to go out.

  38. Chloe Ramirez

    4 years ago

    quick delivery and good packaging

  39. William Bennett

    4 years ago

    Amazingly simple process – removes all the ‘hassle’ of repeat prescriptions. Place the order and just watch the process happen. I just really enjoy having something so essential being done so efficiently.

  40. Mia Foster

    4 years ago

    Never had a problem and always fast service

  41. Noah Long

    4 years ago

    the bisoprolol i recieved was not the brand i have,i can only take TEVA brand which is stated on my repeat priscription, so the ones i recieved from you are no good to me. the lady that delivered my tablets was quite rude. so thats why i shall be going back to collecting them myself from the chemist.

  42. Sophia Brooks

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  43. Alexander Perry

    4 years ago

    The speed of which my perscription was dealt with. And delivery thank you. 25 07 23

  44. Emily Morris

    4 years ago

    You remind me when to reorder…delivery is prompt

  45. Benjamin Simmons

    4 years ago

    Excellent service. Very reliable, always on time.

  46. Olivia Hayes

    4 years ago

    This is a life changer for ordering, waiting for and ‘collecting’ repeat prescriptions. Thought it was too good to be true but all so efficient and timely, thank you.

  47. Isabella Jenkins

    4 years ago

    Great service. So easy to use the appt. Makes life so much easier.

  48. Henry Price

    4 years ago

    So easy to order and quick service, thank you.

  49. Charlotte Griffin

    4 years ago

    The medicine comes always in time, good communication.

  50. Aiden Coleman

    4 years ago

    Pharmacy 2U is impressive. The automatic reminder system takes the worry out of getting the tablets I need before I run out.

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