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Social Media Review Scam And How To Avoid Them

Social Media Scam and How to Avoid them

Found a great deal online to get an electronic gadget for half the price, but don’t be too quick to fall into this trap. Innocent scrolling through your Instagram feed, popular review sites, or Facebook posts can get one in real trouble and cost a lot of money.


Scamsters use social media networks, popular review sites, business review websites, etc., to do fraud. Any one of us can become a victim of such scams, but it is mostly the 50-plus adults falling into the trap more easily.


Social media posts can come up with numerous attractive ads offering a great deal, monetary rewards on stock investing, or even a romantic meeting. You might find these ads genuine and believable at first, but this might end up you inviting a scammer to have a peep at your financial identity. Scammers use vulnerable users from popular review sites and get access to their profiles. Not all business review websites are safe, as scammers can use fake messages to get a click from their users.


Following are the five most common social media scams:

  1. Fun Quiz Scam
  2. Profile Hijacking
  3. Romance Trap
  4. Giveaway Schemes
  5. Fake Reviews


Fun Quiz Scam

We all have done a Facebook quiz that tells us “Which FRIENDS character we are?” or “Which Marvel Superhero we are?” right? But these fun quizzes can lead to inviting a scammer or hacker into your phone or computer. They can steal your financial details through such quizzes. Popular review sites suggest not sharing any of your personal information in such quiz posts to save from any potential fraud.


Profile Hijacking

Social media scams often include scammers posing as someone from your friend list. This is becoming a very popular way of online scam. Even business review websites are not safe from such scams as scammers use professional profiles to contact businesses. Scammers use hijacked profiles to contact you and ask for money into their accounts because of an emergency. Be vary and call your friends on any such suspicious request.


Romance Trap

Romance scams are blooming on social media networks, even with many positive reviews on popular review websites and business review websites. However, these are all fake and trap you to pay money for talking to you, emotional blackmailing, or for a medical emergency. If your online love interest asks for help, read MONEY; cease your communication with them right away. Moreover, inform a trusted person or friend about your online interaction and seek their opinion too. Popular review sites aware users of such websites that lure users to fall into the romance trap to get access to their secured financial information in the name of verifying their identity. Trust your logical instincts before falling for it.


Giveaway Schemes

Leave a positive review and get a complete skin care kit as a giveaway. Get $1000 for posting a video or a social media post to help you earn money to get a new mobile phone, as giveaways are some of the common scams doing the internet rounds. False product giveaway or easy money is very lucrative on-screen and looks achievable too, but only they are not.


Fake Reviews

Fake reviews are a growing reality of how scammers and business review websites use bots to post fake reviews about their bogus schemes. Techmorereview is one of the popular review sites that instantly delete fake reviews as soon as they detect one. Such scam schemes play with your trust by making you believe that this deal is real. You are more likely to believe in a fake competition to win an iPhone or any other gizmo when you see people posting reviews confirming they received one.


How To Avoid Social Media Scams?

Scammers are getting more and more creative to trap users into falling into such scams. Make sure to use your logical mind before giving up any of your personal information online. One of the best ways is to check popular review sites and business review websites before choosing any online business. Business review websites like techmorereview strictly deal with scammers and fraudulent reviewers. Moreover, their privacy policy makes sure that they do not give away any sensitive information and that user data is kept safe.


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